CD: Sin Bella
Artist: 24fps
Release Date: May 19, 2000
Guitar and Vocals: John Howay
Violin: Jennifer Lewin
Cello: Amy Cavanaugh
Drums: Evan Pollack
Bass: Marvin Bryson
Additional Vocals on waltz: Lily Blinn
Additional Vocals on bella, tambourine on winter son: Heidi Gerber
Producer: Heidi Gerber
Co-producer: John Howay
Recorded by Heidi Gerber
Additional recording by John Howay and Mike Griffith
Mixed by Doug Derryberry (otto arrow, winter son, motorboy, desolation)
Jim Robeson (gayatri, bloodletting)
Bob Dawson (waltz, bella)
Heidi Gerber (astroglyde, saturnism)
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer, Air Show, Springfield, Virginia
Recorded at Bias Recording, Springfield, Virginia
     September 1999 to February 2000
Cover Art: Georges Mazilu, "Couple with a Dog," 1998